The Soulstone: 

The amazing and Fabulous, romantic, emotional world of pebbles n small stones by pebble artist Swati Sharma.

Unique gift ideas for the art lovers.It can become a handmade, unrepeatable completely personal gift. Each pebble is different, so the decor image from it is also unique. The pebble image,in addition to being a special gift,touches souls.It radiates peace, harmony and love.

About Us

Creating emotions with natural stones and pebbles.

Pebble art paintings:

Being an architect,an interior designer and an artist,stones and pebbles were always reflected in my design.This led to my passion for "Pebbleart paintings".

"A PEBBLE" created by Mother Earth through rivers, springs, waterfalls and oceans has natural shape of its own. These naturally shaped stones are just replaced by my art form which depict the human emotions, nature and even humour.

Using natural materials like pebbles small stones,bamboo,wooden materials and canvas in my art form felt amazing and became full time job of creating a smile on the faces of my customers.

Why Customers love us:

Pebbles and small stones are from all over places near beach ,rivers and mountains.Every picture created is unique as no pebble is ever same.The sky is limitless with the pebbleart.

"Custom art orders are welcome"

At first my customers found me searching for this unique gift ideas.But today more and more people are coming to me through recommendations. These are ready made pebbleart paintings. There are options for personalized custom based paintings also. so please feel free to get in touch with me with more ideas and I will be happy to serve something especially for you.

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